Meet: Yuri Vedenin

Yuri Vedenin

The Keynote

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Yuri Vedenin is founder and CEO of UXPressia and founder and UX/BA coach at educational center ITMINE. Yuri is a Certified Business Analysis Professional combining UX and business analysis knowledge in his work. He is also one of the founders and inspiring leaders of the local communities in Belarus: IT Business Analysts (, UX professionals (UX Connect) and Product Managers (Product Connect).

Yuri conducts workshops and speaks at different conferences related to UX, CX and Product Development: EuroIA (Dublin), World Information Day (Berlin), Product Development Days (Krakow), UXistanbul (Istanbul), UX Salon (Tel Aviv), ProfsoUX (Saint-Petersburg), etc.


The Break-out :

Empathy and Impact Mapping Workshop

Is it hard for you to build empathy to your users? Is it hard for you to be on the same page with the rest of the team on who we are building our product for? Even if you did that, is it still hard for you to come up with a good solution to reach your project’s goal? Or is it hard to come up to mutually agreed project scope in your team? The workshop will highlight 2 useful tools, Empathy Mapping and Impact Mapping, to help you to fix that.