Meet: Yuri Vedenin

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The Keynote

The imortance of empathy

What is Empathy?

Why do we need Empathy?

Why isn’t everyone making use of Empathy?

How can one develop Empathy?

These questions will be answered during Yuri’s keynote.

Yuri Vedenin is founder and CEO of UXPressia and founder and UX/BA coach at educational center ITMINE. Yuri is a Certified Business Analysis Professional combining UX and business analysis knowledge in his work. He is also one of the founders and inspiring leaders of the local communities in Belarus: IT Business Analysts (, UX professionals (UX Connect) and Product Managers (Product Connect).

Yuri conducts workshops and speaks at different conferences related to UX, CX and Product Development: EuroIA (Dublin), World Information Day (Berlin), Product Development Days (Krakow), UXistanbul (Istanbul), UX Salon (Tel Aviv), ProfsoUX (Saint-Petersburg), etc.


The Break-out :

Empathy Mapping Workshop

Aim of the workshop: To show how simple technique (Empathy Mapping) can help to better understand the needs and problems of your users, customers or even colleagues. Via that understanding we come up with better solutions to those needs and problems.

What will be going on in the workshop:

The workshop will highlight Empathy Mapping: a useful tool to get the information from the heads of participants and to put everybody on the same level regarding their customers, users or whoever they are trying to build empathy for. Participants will get familiar with the tool (they will fill in Empathy Map) and will see the benefits of usage of the tool.