Interview & User Test (DG Grow)

Last call: we are still looking for 2 more candidates.


  • a 1-hour in-person interview in English (you need to come to our test facility in Brussels)

  • no previous knowledge required

  • you will receive 45 Euro transferred to your bank account, upon completing the interview


Wednesday 17 October (morning) or Thursday 18 October (morning): after contacting you we will try to find a time slot that would suit you.


  • Testing facility in the center of Leuven. It will be disclosed once you are selected to participate.



Wim Verhavert


Please fill this form.

Are you an expat staying in Belgium? *
Your country of origin should be one of the EU member states.
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Like the European Commission for example.
Have you ever done, or considered doing, business in other EU member states? *
Did you ever sell products or services, across borders?
Are you fluent in English? *
The interview will be in English.
We are aiming for a good spread of geographies.
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As this is all rather on a short notice, it would be helpful if we could contact you directly