Together, we can vastly improve your products and services so that they (continue to) address real customer needs, leading to higher customer satisfaction, adoption and retention.

U-Sentric helps you to truly understand your customers’ intentions, needs and behaviour and to unravel the complexity of their journey.

With our multidisciplinary approach and testing facilities, we quickly uncover novel insights and inspiration leading to high impact improvements. We use likeability, sociability, functionality and accessibility as important focal points in our evaluation and re-design processes.

U-Sentric boasts expertise in a wide range of methods and tools such as ethnographic field studies, interviews, eye tracking, usability benchmarking, moderated and unmoderated remote usability studies, diary/camera studies, card sorting, A/B testing and true intent studies.



Innovation starts with the eye. The discipline of Human-Centered Design requires curiosity and empathy. You need to engage all your senses to pursuit meaningful observations.


Innovation is seldom a lightbulb moment of genius. Human-Centered Design requires thorough analysis, critical thinking and above all problem framing. Human-Centered Design identifies patterns and transforms observations into actionable insights.


Innovation is 5% inspiration, 95% transpiration. Succesful innovation requires discipline. The practice of Human-Centered Design commits itself to bring ideas to life. It continuously improves and evolves by fast and frequent iteration.


They were about to launch a newly designed nail polish bottle that would make applying nail polish a breeze. Learn more


In order to improve their “first use” setup, Philips asked us to assess the usability of their universal remote controls for television. Learn more


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