A User-Centered Tool for Entrepreneurs

How to bring your product to the market in a User-Centered way?

A staggering 70% of all innovations fail due to lack of user acceptance. Worried about this fact, a local government agency (Agentschap Ondernemen) asked U-Sentric to develop a tool to help entrepreneurs from the healthcare sector to succesfully bring their novel products to the market. We developed an efficient, low-threshold User-Centered tool to change the mindset of the entrepreneurs and to introduce them to the different aspects of User-Centered design.


What did we do

First, we invited the entrepreneurs working with Agentschap Ondernemen to a series of workshops in which we gave them a "deep dive" into the world of User-Centered design. The main objective of these workshops was to get the entrepreneurs in a User-Centered mindset and to make them realize the importance of putting the end user in the center of the innovation and development processes, resulting in an increased user acceptance and market success

The outcome

The workshops were a real eye-opener for the participants. They gained a lot of insights into their target audience and the way they should approach them while launching their projects.

Based upon the learning and insights from the workshops, U-Sentric developed a User-Centered tool for entrepreneurs. This tool helps the entrepreneurs throughout the entire process from defining the challenge until the after-sales.