Televic Education

Building a new version of Education software with Televic Education

Televic has a software that enables companies and organizations to set up e-assessments and exams. The software has evolved since many years. New features were added, new workflows were added. This makes the software more complete but also more complex to end-users. The target group of Televic also changed throughout the years, from publishers to all types of companies that could use assessments to recruit new employees, check knowledgeto guarantee quality, etc. but also schools and governments.

Televic now sees it’s chance to create a new version of the software and start from scratch. The goal is to create a software that closely matches the workflow of the diverse clients and meets their needs and expectations.


What did we do

We worked out a Human Centered Design approach to achieve this goal within the design process of Televic Education. We composed a diverse team of stakeholders within Televic to collaborate with; from sales people over customer service people, designers, developers, business people and so on. It was really important to involve different stakeholders in the process as all of them play a different role in the customer journey of the (potential) clients.

Together with the team we went out of the office and observed/ interviewed some clients in their context of work. We shared our experiences during some analysis workshops. It became clear very fast that the assumptions the team had before the project needed to be refined. In the following workshops we used different HCD methods to define the needs, ideate for a new concept and iterate in order to refine this concept.

The outcome

Finally U-Sentric worked out a new conceptual model which describes the main screens and flow of the software, explaining the required features. By applying HCD and involving different stakeholders the Televic team now has all people on the same level working towards the same goals. Everybody involved has a clear understanding of user needs and expectations which is highly valuable whenever decisions need to be made in the future.

 Based on this model the design & development team of Televic started front-end and back-end development in an agile way. U-Sentric tests the newdevelopments every 2 sprints with end-users in order to check if the relevance,  logic and usability of the software is tuned to (potential) end users. This phase is still ongoing