U-Sentric, your partner in Customer-Driven Innovation

We provide solutions for companies that want to be different and wish to innovate based on a deep understanding of their customers. We partner with you to create sustainable business opportunities based on innovations that matter.

Powered by Human Centered Design, U-Sentric always places the end user as the central focus point of its approaches. The academic roots of U-Sentric underpin all our projects; we consistently strive for a solid foundation for our recommendations, using state-of-the-art methods and tools.

Each project U-Sentric conducts is tailor-made to match the needs of your company and of its customers.

U-Sentric is active in a wide variety of sectors such as Healthcare, Finance, ICT, Government and FMCG.


We improve your existing products and services

When? You have a product or service and want to know what your customers think of it.

What? usability tests / expert reviews / contextual interviews / ethnographic observations / eye tracking / …

We co-create new products and services

When? You want to develop new products or services and want to explore upfront what customers expect to get.

What? Co-creation sessions / explorative workshops / rapid iterative prototyping / benchmarking / interviews / ethnographic observations / …

Customer-driven processes and ecosystems

When? You want to evolve from a Product-Centered to a Customer-Centered strategy.

What? HCD strategy development / UX consultancy /…


Workshops & Trainings

When? You want to incorporate the Human-Centered Design mindset in your company's DNA and team.

What? HCD strategy development / UX consultancy /…

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In-depth insights into nail polish consumer behaviour leads to market success

They were about to launch a newly designed nail polish bottle that would make applying nail polish a breeze. But Pronails had some doubts about the new design. Would the benefits of the new bottle be recognized by customers? What would the perception be?
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Putting the customer first at KORAZON

Korazon, a web development company was not satisfied to only deliver the products their customers ordered. They wanted to "wow" them. U-Sentric was the ideal partner to achieve this goal.
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A User-Centered Tool for Entrepreneurs

How to bring your product to the market in a User-Centered way when a staggering 70% of all innovations fail due to lack of user acceptance?
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