In-depth insights into nail polish consumer behaviour leads to market success

Do you really know how consumers use your product?

We were contacted by PRONails (a nail polish company), known for its high-quality products and good customer relations. They were about to launch a newly designed nail polish bottle that would make applying nail polish a breeze.

Still, they had some doubts because the new design had not been thoroughly tested by real customers. Would the benefits of the new bottle be recognized by customers? What would the perception be?


What did we do

U-Sentric assembled a heterogeneous panel of both professional (i.e. working in a beauty parlor) as well as non-professional customers.

We interviewed the members of the panel and carefully observed them in the setting where they used the nail polish.

Based on this, we presented concrete and profound customer insights to our client.

The outcome

The hunch of our client turned out to be justified: the customers did not react to the new bottle like the designers expected.

Thanks to U-Sentric our client was able to include significant changes to the design before the actual market launch, making the product a success.

A lesson to remember: only working with designers without involving and really understanding the customer is certainly risky.