Putting the customer first at KORAZON

A company contacted U-Sentric to delight their customers

Korazon, a web development company specializing in the integration and optimization of business processes, contacted U-Sentric because they felt their current organization and processes hindered the creativity of their employees.

Although they were already UX-savvy and had a sound management approach, they correctly understood that their current way of working had inherent limitations and did not allow to unleash the full potential of their company.

Korazon was not satisfied to only deliver the products their customers ordered. They wanted to "wow" them. U-Sentric was the ideal partner to achieve this goal.

What did we do

First, we performed an in-depth audit of KORAZON, understanding their ecosystem, highlighting different customer journeys and identifying the current service blueprint.

We then identified gaps between KORAZON’s ambition and their current situation.

Together with senior members of the Marketing, Sales, Design and Development teams we set up a cross-disciplinary team to implement a Human-Centered Design strategy for the whole company.

Based on the identified gaps, U-Sentric implemented a tailored coaching and training plan to provide Korazon employees with the correct skills and mindset.

The outcome

Korazon has adopted a company-wide Human-Centered Design approach which they now can execute fully independently from U-Sentric.

They are able to understand and serve their customers better than before, delighting them instead of just delivering products.

As a result, they are also able to enter niche markets that were previously unreachable.