Do you want to be part of the EC’s digital transformation team?

To strengthen the EC’s digital transformation team we’re looking for an expert in usability and user friendliness

You will be part of a multicultural and cross-functional team in the Digital Transformation Project  in the European Commission.

Your colleagues will be information architects, content strategists, UX designers, researchers, developers, editors…

You will support the challenge of the European Commission for the next years to make its  online communication more coherent and relevant.  

If this sounds like you, then you might be the usability Expert we are looking for!

As an Expert you are passionate about the best UX practices and techniques within user research and user testing. You have a good in-depth knowledge of the methods, techniques to use within the field.

You’re a good communicator and presenter. You not  only have to test the designs, you must clearly communicate the results to your colleagues and other stakeholders in the team and within the EC.

Depending on where your presence is required you can review and check the usability of any creation front-end or back-end, provide training and support and/or advice on usability issues, collaborate with the content strategist and information architects to do the interviews  and subsequent user journeys with them.

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