Meet: Jan-Erik Baars


The Keynote

Empathy as a Strategy for
Relevant Innovation

Human Centered Design is an effective tool for business creation and innovation. But is that enough? How can a business ensure that human centered design becomes a lasting element in their organization adding to the bottom line, rather than a feel-good exercise?

Currently Jan-Erik Baars leads the Design Management program at the University of Applied Science in Lucerne, Switzerland. He researches on the aspects of organizational design and customer centricity. As a result he created the Customer Centricity Score (CCS) and is the author of the book “Leading Design”, a hand and brain book to develop design led organizations.

He also is a consultant, supporting organizations to improve effective use of design. Before founding his consulting business in 2011, he headed design management at Deutsche Telekom. He joined DT in 2009 after 19 years with Philips where he worked as a designer, design manager and CDO. His work has won various design awards, like the Rotterdam Design Award and the IF-award in Gold.

Jan-Erik Baars is an American born Dutchman, living in Germany and Switzerland.

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The Break-out :

Human Centered Mindset
with Jan-Erik Baars

Human Centered Design is not exclusive to designers – it’s a mindset. To spot relevant insights leading to successful propositions requires a different view, beginning with empathy for the ones involved. In the breakout you will identify what is relevant, rather than what is obvious, to become more empathy driven.

Business success begins with design and empathy for the customer: The result is a loyal customer base and a healthy bottom-line! In that order!