U-Sentric is looking for an Interaction designer

You are an experienced interaction designer, who is capable of translating user requirements into ideas, concepts. But you truly excel at bringing those ideas to life using sketches, wireframes and detailed interfaces on various platforms.

As an interaction designer at U-Sentric, you seamlessly merge design, technology and research into interactions that delight users. This means that you understand how to create an appealing visual and user-friendly design, while managing business priorities and technical feasibility.

As an interaction designer you have good insights in action/reaction of different sorts of interfaces (mobile, web, tablet) how they happen and unfold, and how they give feedback to users. The translation of these interactions are part of a logical workflow and give feedback to users so they know what is happening in terms of the application.

You don’t consider time as a barrier for quality, but are able to make realistic estimates deliver prototypes of adequate fidelity to support our clients’ development teams. You constantly seek opportunities to improve your work, knowledge and skills, and know that details make a difference.

You will be given responsibility for the look and feel of the applications, products and platforms we create for our clients. And as a designer you feel responsible for the final product and its implementation.

You’re passionate about your profession and committed to end users whoever and wherever they may be. You are aware of new developments in the field of user experience design, usability and interaction design.

We are looking for an interaction designer that is open to feedback from colleagues and willing to improve his work based on it. Our interaction designer is creative, enjoys going a step further and comes up with own initiatives to make whatever we do even better. 


What are we asking?

  • At least 3 years of relevant working experience
  • You speak Fluent English, knowledge of other languages (French/Dutch) is a plus
  • Experienced with digital prototyping and wireframing tools
  • Experienced with visual design tools
  • Experienced with interaction design on various platforms ( IOS, Android, etc.. )
  • Knowledge of back-end language such as Python is a plus.
  • Excellent visual and spoken communication skills, as you will have the opportunity to present to decision makers
  • Team player and hard worker
  • You’re persistent and eager to learn


What are we offering?

A creative and challenging position at a dynamic and fast growing company in the heart of Belgium. Everybody on our team has the chance to contribute to the growth and ambitions of U-Sentric. We have a flat and informal culture where everybody gets a say. The U-Sentric team is a multidisciplinary one combining the expertise of engineers, psychologists, product designers, and business analysts. We are truly unique at what we do, and we can’t wait to welcome you to our team.

If you are interested, please send your CV to :

reference : interaction designer 

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