Putting your customer first, right at the center of your processes and ecosystems, is a bold move that leads sustainable innovation and growth.

Companies that embrace a customer-driven organization, from their customer interface to their core innovation processes and the organisation of their ecosystem, have been found to significantly outperform their competitors across a wide range of industries.

A customer-driven strategy puts the customers at the center of all aspects of business, impacting company culture and governance. Most importantly, it changes the mindset of all employees to think about how to delight the existing and new customers.

Partner with U-Sentric to make your company customer-centric.

Our concrete approach will always be tailor-made, but typically includes:

  • In-depth audits, including ecosystem mapping and identification of customer journeys
  • Drawing up of the service blueprint
  • “As is” vs. “to be” gap identification
  • Identification of short-term and long-term wins
  • Setup and monitoring of Human-Centered Design strategies
  • Design and facilitation of custom coaching and training plans to anchor the customer focus into the company culture, governance and mindset
  • Internal and external communication of the new approach

Together, we design and implement a customer-centric blueprint for your company to delight your existing and future customers.


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