Innovation is not always easy.

Maybe your company finds it difficult to come up with new ideas to innovate. Conversely, you may have a lot of good ideas, but they never make it to the market. Or maybe they do make it to the market but, despite all your efforts, your new products and services do not attract sufficient new customers. In fact, this would not even be surprising given that about 70% of all innovation projects fail because of a lack of customer acceptance.

What's going on? Often the lack of customer focus is the culprit leading to products and services that no one is waiting for.

At U-Sentric we put your customers at the center of all the stages of your innovation processes, effectively killing two birds with one stone: ensuring customer acceptance and tapping into the vast potential of customer-driven innovation.

U-Sentric sets up and facilitates Human-Centered Design cycles where we co-create your new products and services with your customers and relevant stakeholders from your ecosystem. We work according the ISO 9241-210 philosophy, based on iterating the understanding and specifying the context of use, specifying user requirements, producing design solutions to meet user requirements and evaluating the designs against requirements. In ICT environments, our approach complements and augments agile/scrum approaches.

As a result, your new products and services will be addressing real customer needs, leading to vastly improved customer adoption and retention.


Transform with empathy

The end-users want consistent experiences, he doesn't want to experience the organizational silos and disconnect. Build a true User-Centered Business by putting the customers' experience as the sole objective.

Co-Design with stakeholders


They were about to launch a newly designed nail polish bottle that would make applying nail polish a breeze. Learn more


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